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2009 Stellar


Beautiful aromas of European oak make you breathe deep into this powerhouse of a wine. Hints of S'mores take you back. Soft, silky tannins carry to a long, savory finish. Black cherry notes with dark blackberry and loganberry. Perfectly balanced.

2011 Malbec


Amazing deep purple in color. Hints of violet and toast notes on the nose. Fleshy fruits concentrate on the palate. The mouthfeel and finish speak for themselves.

2011 Syrah


Vibrant color captures the eye. Dried fruits and plum tease the nose. Blackberry and dark cherry flavors. Bright acid that builds a complex structure demanding this wine to be cellared.

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon


A vibrant crimson color leads to a burst of French oak aromas. Freshly cut roses front the nose followed by coffee spice. Sweet oak notes hit the palate first with meaty and fleshy fruit flavors. Hints of cocoa take this wine to a whole new level.

2012 Merlot


Deep maroon in color. Rich oak notes explode on the nose with tobacco, violet, and clove. The full-bodied mouthfeel is brought on by fine oak tannins, with hints of coconut and almonds. A long, savory finish.

2012 Quinque Astrum


Beautiful maroon in color. Rich resin aromas from oak barrels. Dark cherry and dark berries through the palate. Great tannin and acid balance bring this wine together. Bursts of sun-ripened loganberries come out on the finish.

2012 Sangiovese


Cherry notes burst up front. Ruby fruits flood the nose with hints of butterscotch. A velvety mouthfeel with bright acid and berry fruits. A balanced, approachable wine. Enjoy with any meal.

2013 Madi


Lemon grass and honey dew melon pop on the nose. Bursts of citrus and bright acidity. A nice clean finish.

2014 Kynzie


Rose petals explode on the nose as the salmon color draws you in. Baked almonds and grapefruit are followed by bright acid and bold citrus flavors. Subtle nutty notes on the clean finish.

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